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Come learn how to unlock your self-confidence... NOW!!!

Special opportunity for those who want...

To discover, in a practical way, how to develop more confidence in themselves and achieve greater personal and professional success.


People who are confident in themselves tend to be more successful in many areas of life.

Lack of self-confidence can make you have..

  • Low self-esteem;

  • Lack of motivation;

  • Feelings of insecurity and inadequacy;

  • Doubts regarding your worth, capabilities and abilities;

  • Fear of failure, rejection and/or criticism;

  • Anxiety in social situations;

  • Difficulty talking about yourself.

If you have one or more of these “symptoms”, this is the masterclass you cannot miss!

Self-confidence is the attitude of trusting yourself.
It's being sure of your skills, abilities and believing in your judgments and choices.

Having confidence doesn't mean the absence of moments of fear, doubt or insecurity - it's about learning to deal with them effectively and having the courage to take risks, engage in new experiences that allow you to learn and grow.

​When you believe you are capable of achieving your goals, the obstacles you encounter are more easily overcome because you see them as an opportunity for growth.

By being more confident, you gain more autonomy, productivity and well-being, which will enable you to be more successful in life.


My name is Claudia Nóbrega, I work as an authenticity coach, trainer and speaker, inspiring people to develop the confidence in themselves necessary to communicate their opinions, feelings and desires in their relationships, without giving up on themselves.

Let me tell you a little about my story...

Imagine that person who...

-Doubts its abilities, being very demanding with itself;
-Does not like and is ashamed of its physical appearance;
- Has difficulty communicating its opinions, thoughts, feelings and 
- Acts to please others, having difficulty to say no;
- Feels afraid to take chances thinking that dreams only come true for others;
- Compares itself with others, considering to know less or having less capabilities than them;
- Has many fears and does not know how to deal with them;
- Learns many things, but doesn't apply them in its own life;
- May even look confident, but that's just a cover to not show its vulnerabilities...


I have just described those that have been my greatest struggles and also my greatest opportunities to learn and grow as a person.

I have a story, I'm not my story.

And, therefore, I chose (and continue to choose) to dedicate time to getting to know myself and expressing who I am.


For this, I have been implementing practices in my life that I know work and that have changed the way I see myself, relate to others and live life.

My personal path has been the motivation and inspiration that allows me to help other people to develop confidence in themselves so they can create a life that they are passionate about.

I have learned, not only from my experience, but also from the experiences of people with whom I have worked directly, who are living examples of the transformation that happens from the inside out.


Self-confidence is a characteristic that can be developed with daily practice and self-knowledge.

In this free masterclass you will learn...

Abstract Pattern 25

the importance of self-confidence

It will explain why self-confidence is a fundamental pillar that is related to personal and professional success.

Image by Markus Spiske

Barriers to self-confidence


You will be aware of the main barriers to self-confidence and their impact on personal and professional growth.

It's important to know what limits you, so you can transform it.

Image by Drew Colins

Tools to build self-confidence

You will learn simple and powerful tools that will help you build self-confidence to increase your quality of life, both personally and professionally.

By developing confidence in yourself, you are creating a solid foundation that supports you throughout your journey.

Unlock your self-confidence... Now!

Monday, 27th of March | 7pm (GTM)

Register now!

Masterclass in Portuguese. 

On the day of the masterclass you will receive, in your email, the access link to the virtual room where it will take place.

"It was a beautiful experience with many discoveries and reflections."

F.M., London -UK

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