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Hello Radiant Being, welcome!

My name is Cláudia Nóbrega and I work as a coach, communication and confidence mentor and trainer.

Imagine waking up in a world where each morning brings a new opportunity to grow and flourish.


A world where doubts dissipate like morning dew, revealing your Radiant and Confident Self.


My mission is to help you blossom into the most powerful and confident version of yourself, to create the purposeful life you DESERVE to live!


The values that drive my actions and are the basis of my professional approach are the following:

  • Authenticity - confident expression of your uniqueness.  

  • Freedom - explore different forms of communication, adapting to each situation with flexibility and confidence.

  • Contribution - training to achieve personal and professional goals and act proactively and meaningfully in different contexts so that they become more authentic, safe, understanding and collaborative spaces. 

  • Degree in Social Education

  • Activities coordination professional course

  • International coaching certification

  • EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Mindfulness

  • Positive Psychology: living Authentically with Mindfulness and Vulnerability

  • Team building through chemistry

  • Enneagram

  • Conflict resolution

  • Holistic therapies: massage, reflexology, reiki, electronic healing, trauma healing....

  • Activities coordinator

  • Education Technician

  • Social educator

  • Trainer - education and personal development 

  • Mentor and coach (individual and group)

  • Holistic therapist: massage reflexology and reiki...

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