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Empower employees towards success!

workshops and training that inspires and motivates work teams to achieve their objectives and goals efficiently and collaboratively, without compromising their well-being.

Increased motivation, commitment and productivity

Healthier relationships with yourself and others

Greater balance between personal and professional life

Working as a team can be challenging. 

Maybe you are having some of these difficulties:


  • Lack of clear and open communication

  • ​​Lack of trust and mutual respect

  • Low motivation or commitment

  • Conflicts of interests or values between employees

  • Difficulty setting clear and attainable goals and objectives

  • Work overload or lack of work-life balance

  • Lack of emotional support for team members

All teams deserve the opportunity to grow and develop the skills they need to succeed.

Hello, welcome! My name is Cláudia.

I know your team wants to succeed in a way that doesn't compromise their well-being.

I know perfectly well what it's like to feel exhausted due to the demands of professional activity.

That's why I throughout my career of more than 11 years in the field of education and personal and human development, I created the training programe "S.E.R." that I have implemented, since 2022, in several organisations, enabling teams to achieve their goals through efficient collaborative work.

Your team deserves to be accompanied by someone who understands their needs and knows how to turn difficulties into opportunities for personal and professional growth.


Choose your path to success...

Team program to develop soft skills.
"Be (S.E.R) a team" program
Sense | Express | Relate

Training to promote socio-emotional skills (soft skills) in work teams.

Team building activities
Team building

Activities to reinforce and develop the relationship between team members, which boost their cohesion through group work.

motivational talks
motivational talks

Invite me to inspire your team to remain motivated on the path towards success

"Be (S.E.R) a team" program 

The sessions of this training program are based on the following pillars according to the key skills to be worked on: 




Self motivation


Emotional regulation




Creativity and innovation


Social skills

Healthy boundaries

Adaptability and flexibility


Problem solving


Let's create a clear direction for the life you want

1. Schedule a meeting

This is the first step towards working collaboratively.

2. Creating a plan 

A personalized action plan will be developed, considering the needs and objectives of your team.

3. Implementation of the plan

We will implement the plan together, making the necessary adjustments.

4. Celebration of success!

Learn to work smarter, not harder.

It was three months rich in (self) knowledge, shared experiences, motivation, confidence to apply what I learned and confirm what I already did well. Cláudia captivated with her rigor, enthusiasm and involvement, providing useful tools to live better with myself and with others.

Participant 1

Essential training for work teams as well as individual. Important in order to value the work team as well as us as human beings, individual beings who have emotions and how we can manage them in order to avoid internal and external conflicts. I really enjoyed. 

Participant 2

This training helped me to remove some doubts in my way of thinking and face some situations, showing that I was not the only one to think that way, that there were more colleagues like me.
Sharing with colleagues allowed us to get to know each other better, be more empathetic with each other and strengthen the team.

Participant 3

The difficulty in dealing with professional demands can result in  lack of motivation and dissatisfaction. Training your employees is investing in one of the most valuable resources for your organisation's success.

Let's work collaboratively to grow your team and organisation!


Let's talk! 

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