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THE NIGHTINGALE: communicating for success

February 8, 9 and 10 | 8 PM

For women who want to communicate with confidence to achieve the personal, professional, and relational success they desire.

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Express who you are

Communicate with confidence

Achieve the success you desire

Tired of giving up your personal growth and your ambitions for fear of exposing yourself and being judged when you need to communicate with others?

This event is for you if you have one or more of these difficulties:

  • Difficulty expressing ideas clearly and precisely.

  • Lack of confidence when speaking in public or in social interaction situations.

  • Difficulty adapting communication according to the audience and situation.

  • Difficulty building and maintaining healthy relationships.

  • Fear of making mistakes or being misunderstood when communicating.

  • Difficulty expressing opinions and establishing limits appropriately.

  • You demand a lot from yourself, being excessively self-critical.

You have within you the potential to become a confident and capable communicator.

Hello, welcome! My name is Cláudia Nóbrega.

I know that you want to communicate with the confidence necessary to achieve the success you desire and, deep down, you know that you deserve it!

If there's anyone who understands what it's like to feel limited by insecurities and the fear of exposure and judgment, it's me. For many years, I thought I had nothing relevant to share and that others were more capable than me, which caused me a lot of dissatisfaction and discomfort.

That's why in recent years I have accompanied dozens of people through coaching, mentoring and training programs to find their unique voice and express it to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Come and discover how you can communicate in a captivating way to attract success into your life.

This is the path we will take together:

CLASS 1 - 08/02


How to communicate for success?

You will discover the 3 pillars of confident communication to create opportunities for personal growth and move towards success.

CLASS 2 -09/02


Unlock your potential

You will identify what is stopping you from achieving the success and fulfillment you desire and how to overcome it.

CLASS 3 - 10/02

Diagnosis of the type of communicator you are

You will understand whether your communication profile is aligned with your personal goals or not!


"The Nightingale" will take place on February 8, 9 and 10 at 8 PM

Sign up to get the links. The recording will only be available for a few hours!​

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You can be as captivating as a nightingale if you communicate with confidence.

I really enjoyed the experience because I learned better ways of communicating and this helped in my interaction with others.

Participant 1

I learned to better accept my emotions, as well as have more effective communication. The balance is quite positive.

Participant 2

It helped me understand myself better and not feel guilty for saying "no" and setting limits without feeling like I was being a bad person.

Participant 3

How long will you hide and suppress your voice?
If you continue like this you will limit your potential and waste opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Enough of feeling this way!


Come and take the first steps towards becoming a confident, expressive person capable of achieving the success you so desire.

Congratulations! Your registration was successful.

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