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Turn your uncertainties into clarity and purpose

with the game of self-knowledge Maha Lilah which means the great game of life

Improve your perception of yourself

Make decisions with clarity

Find a sense of direction and purpose in life

Making decisions with clarity can be challenging.

Maybe you are having some of these difficulties:

  • Lack of motivation and energy to do daily tasks.

  • Difficulty defining goals and objectives and making crucial decisions for the future.

  • Feeling of confusion and lack of direction in life.

  • Lack of self-esteem and confidence to pursue dreams.

  • Tendency to procrastinate and postpone important tasks.

  • Susceptibility to being easily distracted or diverting from the path.

  • Insecurity about one's identity and purpose in life.

  • Feeling of hopelessness and pessimism about the future.

Life is too short to live without a sense of direction and purpose

Hello, welcome! My name is Cláudia Nóbrega.

I believe you are here for a reason and that part of your purpose is to discover who you are and your place in the world.

I completely understand what it's like to have the feeling that you need to change something, but not knowing what to do or where to start.

That's why I've helped dozens of people find their own path, listening to their inner voice, through the game of self-knowledge - maha lilah.

You deserve to be accompanied by someone who truly listens to you and knows how to guide you to find the answers you need within yourself, so that you can transform your uncertainties into clarity and a sense of purpose in a simple and practical way.


Game of Life - Maha Lilah

Hindu game of ancient teachings created to aid in the process of self-discovery.

The "game" begins at the moment of birth and moves the player who, through ups and downs, follows their own path.

Powerful tool of self-awareness that allows you to gain clarity about who you are and the dynamics that are facilitating and hindering your journey in life, guiding decision-making and showing new possibilities.

These are the steps we're going to take to give you a clear direction...

This game can achieve a variety of purposes:


Explore your emotions, thoughts and behaviors, leading to a greater understanding of yourself

DSC04085 (2).JPG

Reflection on your life, choices and goals, facilitating the process of learning and personal growth.

Image by russn_fckr
Stimulate creativity and personal expression
Caminho do jardim
Reveals unconscious repetitive patterns - states - emotions - behaviors, showing new possibilities 
Image by Javier Allegue Barros
Guides in decision making and helps to establish clear personal goals and objectives
Image by Boris Smokrovic
Dealing with transitions - geographic relocation, marital status, job position or career and/or health alterations

This is not just a game, it is your life mirrored on a game board bringing valuable insights to your path

Maha Lilah is a great portal of self-awareness, but what makes it even richer and deeper is the way Claudia leads it. She brings all her creativity and guidance, through powerful questions that lead us to places within ourselves that have yet to be explored. It is an external perspective of us, from a place of pure humility, surrender, and love.

C.P. - Lisbon (Portugal)

Maha Lilah is much more than a game. It is a journey that allows us to gain very real contact with the depths of our being. The ups and downs are brought to consciousness in a proposal for transformation through internal communication. It was a unique experience.

F.S. - Lisbon (Portugal)

Who would have thought that the experience of playing this game would be so authentic and true? This game showed me who I am, where I am in my life and the next steps to take on my journey of self-discovery.

S.B. - Madeira (Portugal)

Lack of clarity can result in confusion, frustration and dissatisfaction.
When the clouds of uncertainty dissipate, you see everything more clearly and act with confidence and determination to create a life that fulfills you.

Come roll the dice and dive into this revealing experience.


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