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live & online course: Intuition and Clarity

Awaken the power of your intuition

Saturday, June 15th | 10am - 4:30pm

Master the art of intuition to make decisions aligned with who you are and live with a sense of purpose.


Trust yourself

Make more confident and aligned decisions

Live with a sense of purpose and direction

Are you tired of the constant internal (negative thoughts, fears, insecurities) and external (other people's opinions, social pressures, external influences) noise that prevents you from hearing your inner voice, causing confusion and anxiety?

This course is for you if you have one or more of these difficulties:

  • Insecurity in making important decisions.

  • Lack of clarity about personal goals.

  • Difficulty in listening to and trusting your inner voice.

  • Feeling lost or directionless.

  • Tendency to doubt your own instincts.

  • Intuition is the key to living in harmony with your life purpose.

  • Intuitive decisions lead you on the path most aligned with who you are.

Intuitive decisions guide you toward a path that aligns with your true self and life purpose.

How intuition can improve your life:

More accurate decisions and increased confidence

Make decisions aligned with your values and goals, strengthening self-confidence.

Effortless Problem-Solving

Trusting your intuition helps you approach challenges in a more creative and effective way.

Mental clarity

The connection to your intuition provides you with a clearer view of situations, reducing internal and external noise.

Healthier Relationships

Intuition allows you to set clear boundaries and recognize which relationships are beneficial for you.

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

When you follow your intuition, you avoid getting stuck in cycles of indecision and excessive worry.

Greater satisfaction and personal fulfillment

As it allows you to live more in line with who you are and your objectives.

Discover the strength that resides within you by following your intuition.

Hello, welcome! My name is Cláudia Nóbrega.

I know you want to find a way to make decisions more securely and confidently.

If there is someone who understands what it is to have difficulty making decisions, amidst so much internal and external noise, that person is me. For years, I felt lost and lacked the confidence to follow my own path, which caused me constant dissatisfaction and disorientation in life.

In recent years, I have accompanied dozens of people through coaching programs, mentoring, and training, to trust more in themselves to achieve their personal and professional goals.


You can transform your relationship with intuition, finding the clarity needed to navigate your path with confidence and authenticity.

Imagine yourself making decisions with confidence and security, knowing that you are following the most balanced path for you!

What you will learn:

How to deepen your connection with yourself
Explore your inner world and inner wisdom to live more aligned with your values and purpose.

How to distinguish the voice of intuition from other voices
Discover techniques to identify when it is your intuition speaking, as opposed to voices of fear, insecurity, or external influences.

How to make decisions aligned with your intuition
Learn to use your intuition to make more conscious and confident decisions aligned with what you desire and who you are.

How to apply intuition in daily practice
Learn strategies to incorporate intuition into your daily routines and activities, from personal choices to professional decisions, to live with more clarity and purpose.


I highly recommend this course to all those who feel the call to take care of themselves, to become more self-confident so that they can build a path, a life where they have more personal power.

Participant 1

The course gave me very practical and simple tools that I can implement in my daily life, to help me be more confident and make decisions with more awareness and love for my path.

Participant 2

It was a very enriching training. I learned a lot from what all the participants shared and I apply some of the content in my daily life, which has made a difference in the way I feel.

Participant 3

Your inner voice is your best advisor.

How it will work:

  • The course will be live on Microsoft Teams on May 18, from 10am to 4:30pm, with a 30-minute lunch break.


  • No recording will be available to ensure your presence and active participation.


  • It will be a transformative day, full of insights and powerful practices to integrate your intuition into your life.

Believe in your intuition, it knows the path your heart desires to follow.

What you will have access to:

Online and live course on May 18, from 9am to 4:30pm.

2 special bonuses for all participants.


Practical content with great transformation potential.

One-time payment with a special discount of €33 (previously €111).

How long will you continue to ignore your intuition and suppress who you are?

If you keep it up, you will limit your potential and miss out on opportunities for growth and fulfillment.


Stop feeling lost or unsure!

Awaken your intuition and gain the clarity to achieve the success you desire.


Do you have any questions?


Get in touch with me.

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